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Gourmet Softice & Toppings

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.. 


We offer a wide range of sauces, anything from classics like chocolate, and salty caramel and the likes to rare sauces like the new blue bubblegum, pink unicorn or salt liquorice.

sometimes you will even find odd sauces like chili sauce, (yes it works great with softice) or gingerbread sauce. 

Come by and create your own mix!  


We have more toppings  then there are harbour buses in the canals of Copenhagen. And we don't set a limit to how many you decide to put on your creation. Anything from popcorn caramel, chocolate flakes, dark chokolate or coconut we currently stock more then 25 different types. 


We have tasted all the softice available and trust us, there are many ways to make a softice, but not many ways to make a really good one!

Our Softice comes from Kastbergs Icecream in Herning. where they buy the milk locally which insures always high quality and freshness. 


We buy high quality organic coffee beans from ROAST local to Islands Brygge, Roast takes so much pride in their coffee and source it themselves from all over the world, often buying straight from the farmer insuring both quality, and fairtrade.  

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