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Gourmet Softice & Toppings

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards

Contact us for  information about below. 

Childrens partys

Rent the shop and do as you wish! We are renting out the shop (supervised) so that the kids can make their dreams come true and get to make their own softice and toppings without any such boundaries. the kids get to put toppings on the softice that they themselves 'pull' from the machine. 

Company events

We can cater to your company event, contact us for more information. 

Desserts for private dinners

Having dinner for 8? can't decide what to do about dessert? let us help you. 

We can create your favorite icecream to serve for your friends and family.  either made pr. person or tubs of icecream to share.  many sizes to choose from. 

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